About Arbitration

A mandatory arbitration may be ordered by the court if there is an arbitration clause in the underlying contract between the parties.  Alternatively, the parties themselves may initiate a voluntary arbitration.

Arbitration Services

A PAM Center Arbitrator with a relevant and adequate degree of expertise in the subject matter involved will best meet your needs.  Arbitrated cases may involve a wide variety of subject matters.

Arbitration Process

Arbitration provides an expedited and simple pre-trial period more efficient than litigation.  Hearings will be conducted in a private setting, as for the procedures the parties may adopt the PAM arbitration rules to follow.  For more information about the arbitration process, click here.



Arbitration is similar to court proceedings, where all parties attending the arbitration present their respective evidence and witnesses, and also have the privilege to argue their positions on the case, with or without the company of an attorney.

An arbitration hearing, or “trial,” generally takes place in one of PAM center’s conference rooms https://www.nettcasinos.org/spilleautomater-på-nett, available in most major cities in the Southern California region. If you wish to resolve your disputes quickly and efficiently, but still have your proverbial “day in court,” arbitration is an attractive option.

PAM arbitrators are impartial, knowledgeable, and well-experienced substitutes for Court judges.  What makes us different is the time and money saved in comparison with a traditional court trial.

PAM Center offers arbitrators with a strong legal background. A PAM arbitrator with a relevant and adequate degree of expertise in the subject matter involved will best meet your needs.  Arbitrators who are aware of cultural differences, and who speak the same language as you do, will most likely ease the tension, and facilitate the fairest outcome.

Arbitrated cases involve a wide variety of subject matters including but not limited to: o   Business disputes
o   Trade secret
o   Breach of contract
o   Intellectual property infringement
o   Employee agreement
o   Construction
o   Personal injury
o   Insurance claims
o   Real estate disputes
o   Legal malpractice o   Legal fee disputes
o   Medical malpractice
o   Healthcare disputes
o   Probate & trust

Arbitration Process

  1.  Submit a request for arbitration services
  2.  Sign and pay retainer
  3.  Submit arbitration brief
  4.  Select an Arbitrator
  5.  Schedule hearing dates
  6.  Prepare and exchange relevant discovery documents
  7.  Attend hearing
  8.  Receive final arbitration award

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